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The aroma of chile roasting is one of my favorite scents, especially when the roasting takes place at Manzano Day School. Each fifth grade student had the opportunity to roast, peel, season, package, and share green chile with their families, the faculty and the staff.

This activity is part of the Spanish curriculum specifically the Pre-Colombian fruits and vegetables unit. 5th grade students learned that crops such as: tomatoes, coco bean, bean, corn and chile are original to the American continent. These items did not exist anywhere else in the world. Christopher Columbus introduced them to Spain and Spain introduced them to the rest of the globe through their trading routes. These crops are an example of the cross cultural exchanges that took place between continents due to the conquest of America. James Sais, NMSU Urban Horticulturist called chile America’s gift to the world of spices.”

This year we have incorporated the Manzano Garden to this unit; students planted beans, chile and tomatoes. Some of the chiles that were roasted came from our garden. The chile roasting and chile ristra making activity are perfect to incorporate and learn how to conjugate a verb. Students put into practice the action words learned in class. Hands on activities make learning a new language real and create appreciation of culture.

We are very lucky to be in the chile capitol of the world and being able to come together as a community to follow the ancient tradition of cooking and preserving this delicious commodity.

Thank you to all fifth grade parent volunteers and teachers for helping us spread the culture of the land.

With regards,

Señora Balkins 

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It’s a place that makes you want to sing a song

this environment has a special energy—I looked for a word in the dictionary and charmed, charming is a good way to describe the people and place.”

-Dr. John Long, Head of the ISAS accreditation committee

If I had to define one factor

That would make Manzano stand out to me, I think it would be the thirst to learn that they instilled in me. I think they taught me to find things that I just really had passions about and that I could explore them and see them in a way different than just sort of the things you have to learn in the classroom. They made it really a lifelong learning thing that I could do and they really instilled some passions in me in that way.

Graduating Student

As a parent you see it from the outside in and it is a phenomenal community. 

Then, as Faculty you see it from the inside out and it's the exact same feeling.

Stephanie Harris, Current Parent and Current Faculty Member

Dr. John Long

Head of Post Oak School

5th Grader

Graduating Manzano Day School Student

Stephanie Harris

Current Parent and Current Faculty Member
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