Manzano Day School

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Board of Trustees

Manzano Day School is governed by a self-perpetuating Board of Trustees. Comprised of no more than 25 members, the Board is charged with “holding the school in trust.” According to the by-laws of the institution, at least 50% of the trustees must be current parents. One trustee is nominated by the Parents’ Association and serves one two-year term as its liaison.

Board officers include: president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer. Standing committees include: Finance, Building and Grounds, Trustee, Development, Admission and Marketing, Executive, and Long-Range Planning. Primary responsibilities of the Board are to insure the financial viability of the school, set overall policies of the school, and hire the Head of School who makes day-to-day decisions on the running of the school. The Board does not involve itself in the day-to-day decisions of the school.


Debbie Allison

Cai Buck

Sandy Buffett

Frank Davis

Ashley Garcia

Stephen Garcia

Nilo Gonzalez

Lisa Kruger

Adam Leyba

Victor Limary

Katherine Pierce McShane

Angie Miller

Dani Moya

Dr. Katie Ogawa Douglas

Tiffany Oliver-Leigh

Dr. Cindy Phillips

Quiana Salazar-King

Dominic Serna

Annie Tekin

Dr. Lauren Williams