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Virtual Playdate Information

What to Expect

Upcoming Virtual Playdate: Saturday, April 10, 2021

The playdate has always been a wonderful way for our admission team and the pre-kindergarten/kindergarten teachers to learn more about our candidates in a fun, play-based school setting. We understand that meeting young children via Zoom is not ideal, but we can still get to know each other better and have fun together. Here are a few things to expect on the day of the playdate:

  • Introductions: Upon joining the Zoom meeting, we will take a few minutes for brief introductions. While the playdate itself is designed for children, we understand the need to have parents' help, so we welcome you to join us.
  • Breakout Rooms:  Pre-kindergarten and kindergarten applicants will join our pre-k and kindergarten teachers, respectively, in breakout rooms. Get ready for small group activities such as reading a story, drawing a picture, and show-and-tell.
  • Preparation:  Please have your child bring an item for show-and-tell. It can be a favorite object, book, etc., a "special" memento, or even a pet--since we'll be zooming from home!--anything that will help us get to know your child. There may be time for drawing, so please have paper and markers or crayons on hand, as well as your phone to snap a picture of your child's work to send us. Other than that, there is no preparation needed. 
  • Zoom Tips: 
    • Find a comfortable and quiet spot for your child.
    • Rename your Zoom window to display your child's name (we can help you before the playdate begins, if needed).
    • Keep your microphone muted while others are speaking to help reduce background noise.
    • Have a parent nearby to help with technology.
    • Relax! We can't wait to meet your child, but we understand that Zoom is not the easiest way to get to know young children. We are all going to do the best we can!
    • If you need any additional assistance with Zoom prior to the playdate, we would be happy to help.
    • Zoom link will be emailed to families a few days prior to the playdate.

We look forward to seeing you!