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2020-2021 Manzano Day School Reopening Plan

Manzano Day School has developed a reopening strategy that supports our mission and allows the School to remain flexible while responding to the changing situation that continues to evolve due to COVID-19. We are striving to provide the very best educational experience possible for our students while also mitigating risk of exposure or outbreaks of COVID-19 in the community. Our reopening plan was guided by recommendations from local medical experts, and guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the New Mexico Department of Health.

The key component to creating a successful reopening of school will be the cooperation between families and school. Students and employees who are sick, or who are exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms will need to stay home. Additionally, exposure to confirmed cases as well as travel out of state will require quarantine measures. COVID-19 diagnosis at home or school will need to be reported immediately. Our goal is to have every student back on campus as quickly as possible while being able to mitigate the risk of exposure for students, faculty, and staff.

July 16 Reopening Plan

Manzano Day School thanks every family for working with us and encourages families to contact the School with questions.

Joy in Learning® Since 1938