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Here's a picture from 2011:

And, a picture from the 2018 Alumni Luncheon, held May 17, 2018:

Manzano Day School alumni are supported and promoted in programs so as to create a strong, loyal and active constituency of the school, keeping alumni in touch with the school and each other, enhancing school spirit and pride and fostering an appreciation of Manzano Day School’s history. We hope that alumni will continue to participate in the life of the school by attending Manzano Day School programs and fundraising events. Stay in touch with your Manzano Day School friends by joining us on Facebook!

Alumni Information Form

We want to stay connected with our alumni! If you or your child is a graduate of Manzano Day School and have exciting news to share (wedding, career, birth, etc.), we want to hear from you. Click here to share your information; we will be sure to include your submission in the Alumni Kudos section of the next issue of Twigs. By sharing your contact information, you will also stay in-the-loop. We will send to you important school news and announcements throughout the year and invite you to alumni events. Questions? Contact Rachael Miletkov at

Ruth Hanna McCormick Simms Alumni Recognition Award

A very progressive thinker for her time, Ruth Hanna McCormick Simms, founded Manzano Day School in 1938. Beginning in 2006, Manzano Day School began honoring her with the Ruth Hanna McCormick Simms Alumni Recognition Award. The award is presented to an alumnus/alumnae who has continued to live out the spirit and mission of Manzano Day School.

2017 Award Recipient - Danielle Rivera

Danielle Rivera graduated from Manzano Day School in 2003. She is currently attending medical school at UNM. As a student at Manzano, she knew she wanted to be a doctor. Working towards that goal, she got her first responder certification and founded a student branch of Operation Smile at Bosque School where she served on a medical mission to Laos as a public health educator. She continued her work for the organization as an International College Council Member while at St. Edward's University, serving on medical missions and administrative trips to China, Panama, Mexico, and Washington D.C. At St. Edwards, she continued her international service with a humanitarian mission to Peru. She also spent a summer teaching in Kibera, a slum in Nairobi, Kenya with Shining Hope for Communities. Danielle was a recipient of the St Edward’s Presidential Award and in addition received a Fulbright Fellowship where she served as a teacher at the National University of Laos. She hopes to continue working to make healthcare more accessible to underserved populations through private practice and public advocacy.

Congratulations, Danielle, and thank you for your loyal support!

To view Manzano Day School’s past Alumni Award recipients, please click here.

To nominate someone for the 2018 Alumni Award, please click here, or contact Jason Cloyes, Director of Development, at 505-243-6659 x204.

Alumni Luncheon

Every spring we host a luncheon and invite alumni who are graduating from high school to return to campus. They share with our fifth grade students memories of their time at Manzano Day School, as well as their future plans and words of wisdom. Parents of the alumni and teachers also join us at this event.

Alumni Art

We have a special place for alumni art on our website. Families may email photos of alumni involved in art shows so that these may be posted on our site. Alumni may email Dr. Annie Nash ( ) photos of their artwork or bring the work in to be photographed and uploaded to the Alumni Art webpages. Alumni may post announcements for their own art shows by using the “comment” post option on the Alumni Art webpage/blog.

Keep Us Informed

Send us news about you and your family, new jobs, new spouses, children, pets, promotions, travel or anything else you would like to share. Keep your fellow alumni informed. Feel free to boast about your friends! Write to 

“If I had to define one factor that would make Manzano stand out to me, I think it would be the thirst to learn that they instilled in me. I think they taught me to find things that I just really had passions about and that I could explore them and see them in a way different than just sort of the things you have to learn in the classroom. They made it really a lifelong learning thing that I could do and they really instilled some passions in me in that way.”

Graduating senior at the annual Alumni Luncheon