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Box Tops Update

As of Friday, September 15, we have collected and submitted a total of 1,134 box tops and received credit for an additional 200 Box Tops through the Bonus Box Top App Offers! You can download the Box Tops Bonus App from either the "App Store" for your iPhone or "Google Play" for Android.

Current Box Top "Top 5" Leaders are:

Ms Stewart (4th Grade) @ 307
Ms Kimbrough (1st Grade) @ 250
Ms Junick (Kindergarten) @ 249
Ms Austin (1st Grade) @ 150
Ms Vigil (3rd Grade) @ 147

I am collecting Box Tops from the front office on Fridays. Our first major milestone will be Box Tops submitted (mailed in) by 1 November. Box Top season ends 28 February.

Thank you for your continued support and keep clipping those Box Tops!