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Box Tops Update

As of this past Monday, October 16, we have a total of 6,404 box tops!!! Yay! Of the remaining 304 Box Tops previously unattributed to a particular class, 300 have been identified and are now correctly booked against Ms Kimbrough's classroom.

This week and next week will be a big push to collect Box Tops for the first milestone (i.e. the first disbursement check from Box Tops For Education). The box tops sent in for this first milestone will be based on what I collect by Friday, October 27. They must be postmarked by Wednesday, November 1. To allow for "schedule variables", I will mail those in on Monday, October 30.

Here are the current Top 5 Box Top Leaders (as of Monday, October 16):

Ms Craft - 1200
Ms Kimbrough - 800
Ms Hausenfleck - 645
Ms Harris - 433
Ms Hernandez - 360

Thank you for your help and Keep Clipping!