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Box Tops Update

As of Saturday, January 20, we have submitted a total of 10,737 boxtops for credit! All submissions through November have been accounted for - which answers the question I raised in my last posting.

The top 8 box tops leaders are:

Ms Craft with 1,364 box tops
Ms Junick with 966 box tops
Ms Kimbrough with 900 box tops
Ms Ortega with 895 box tops
Ms Hausenfleck with 880 box tops
Ms Wick with 556 box tops
Ms Hernandez with 541 box tops
Ms Harris with 505 box tops

Important dates:
February 23 - the last day (Friday) that I will be collecting box tops to send in for credit.
February 28 - box tops season ends - with a mail-in postmark of March 1.

Thanks for all of your help and keep clipping, we only have a few more weeks to go!