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Catalog Canceling Challenge

As part of our community service work this year, fifth grade is participating in a nationwide effort called the Catalog Canceling Challenge. Did you know that 19 billion catalogs are mailed to American families each year (only 2% of which are actually used for a purchase)? That equals 63 catalogs per man, woman, and child in our country of 300 million. It takes 53 million trees and 53 billion gallons of water to create this paper. The energy used could provide for the needs of 1.2 million homes!

Although recycling the catalogs is a good idea, it is a temporary fix when most companies send multiple catalogs a year. Hence, the Catalog Cancelling Challenge! Fifth graders will be canceling unwanted catalogs for family, friends, and our Manzano Day School family. How many holiday shopping catalogs have you received so far this holiday season? Send one to fifth grade and we would be happy to cancel it for you.

Thank you for supporting our community service effort!