Manzano Day School

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Have A Great Summer Wishes!

Many thanks go to our community for a great school year! I wish everyone an enjoyable summer and I hope that wherever you may travel, "the wind is always at your back."

- Mr. Piltch

"His books took him to places wings never could. And his heart fluttered with excitement."

-from Calvin Can't Fly: The Story of a Book Worm Birdie by Jennifer Berne

Enjoy a summer of traveling through the pages of a book, heart fluttering!
Ms. Penny

Señora, Balkins and

Señora, Kendall

To all our dear pre-k families,
We wish you the happiest and healthiest of summers!
Enjoy your time together!
Many thanks for a wonderful and joyful year.
With much love,
Melissa, Rachel, Tammy, and Kimber

As you prepare for 4th grade this summer, be sure to eat your snozzcumbers and drink your
Frobscottle! Have a great summer chiddlers!

~Much love from the 3rd grade human bean teachers!

We wish you a safe and happy summer!

Madonna and Emily
Admission Office

May you and your family have a happy and healthy summer!

Nurse Lisa and Nurse Carrie

Thank you for a fabulous year. Hope your summer is filled with reading, writing, and most of!
The Fourth Grade Team, Stephanie, Andrea, Christine, Shari

Have a restful summer and enjoy some good books! 🌅📚

-Mrs. G. Ortega & Mrs. Desjarlais (Peterson Learning Center)

Hoping your summer includes lots of family time, ice cream, swimming, laughter, and fabulous memories.

Best wishes from the Fifth Grade Team,
Deb Benton, Claudia Craft, Jessie Kraemer, and Kathleen Zenz

We wish you all a safe and fun summer!
Happy Summer Vacation!

-The Extended Day Staff: Fran, Rosemary,
Breeana, Michael, Sierra, Joel, Joanna, & Camden

Your special voice could reach a soul,
to help us find our special goal.
That perfect heart that's born to teach,
who feels no one is out of reach.
Your passion reached into our mind,
to help us see what we could find.
So as you leave and step away,
we feel a sadness on this day.
For in your words we saw a light,
which made our hearts beat with delight.
Now as you go to find your way,
may your sun shine with each new day.
To find that peace from way down deep,
that will be there for you to keep.
I know dear friend our time seemed fast,
but know our friendship will always last.
Just read these words and you will know,
that what you taught me now shall grow.
The lessons taught to show us right,
we now shall share to spread your light.

Wishing you a fabulous summer break!
The Second Grade Team

Ms. Louise and Ms. Kathleen would like to thank all our families for the wondeful year and we hope everyone has a happy and safe summer.