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Nurse's Notes: Flu Shot Consent Forms Due November 1.

Dressing up in a costume, playing with friends, and acquiring candy... what could be more fun for a child! We all want our kids to have fun on Halloween, and we want them to be safe. Here are a few tips to keep your children safe this Halloween:

1.Wear safe costumes. Wear costumes made of material that is fire proof or fire retardant. Be sure the eyes of costumes are large enough for your child to see and that costumes are not too long. If your child is carrying a prop, like a play knife or sword, make sure it is soft plastic. Make sure nothing is sharp on your child's costume.

2.Trick or treat with others, preferably adult supervised. Consider going with another family or group of your child's friends.

3.Carry a light or flash light.

4.Only approach houses or apartments that you know and are well lit. Some people do not participate in trick or treating. If the light is off, no one is home or they do not have candy.

5.Have your child's friends over for a party, a haunted house, or a Halloween dinner.

6.Never let your children enter a stranger's house or car.

7.Practice good pedestrian rules including the following: stay on the sidewalks, do not run across yards, cross at the crosswalks, look both ways before crossing streets, and hold your child's hand.

8.Go to a community Halloween party or festival.

9.Inspect candy before children indulge. Remind your children, no eating candy until candy is inspected. Examine each piece of candy. Look for tears, pin holes, and damaged wrappers.

Now what do you do with all that candy? Here are a few ideas:

1.Create a store where your child can buy something like a coloring book or crayons. Instead of money use candy as currency.

2.Allow your child to have one or two pieces of candy a day. See if you still have candy in April. Eat sweets in moderation and remember to brush your teeth.

3.Teach your child to share. Have your child share his/her candy with other family members, a neighbor, or recycle the candy for other trick or treaters that same night.

Remember, Halloween is fun for kids. Let's keep them safe.