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Nurse's Notes: Farewell Wishes

Can you believe it is that time again? We sure have enjoyed our time together providing nursing care to students, reassuring parents and supporting our faculty and staff. Our office was busy this year, with over 7,800 visits to the nurse's office! Along with providing nursing care to students, a big part of our job has been health education which has been done during the nursing visits, occasional classroom education, and in the weekly Friday Bulletin. We will continue and improve many of these programs next year.

1. Friday Bulletin –This venue will continue to provide research based, current health education regarding school age children to all who read it. Please contact us if you have topic ideas for next year.

2. Classroom Education – We will continue to provide health education as needed in the classroom addressing topics such as drug education (5th grade), reproductive system education (5th grade), nutrition, dental health and hand washing.

3. Vision Screening – Since vision can change as children grow, screening sight can help students do better in school.

4. Hearing Screening - Hearing is just as important to learning as vision.

5. Skip the Screen- Our student's participated in "skipped the screen", which included no TV or electronic games for 7 days!

6. Flu Shot Clinic – This year the Nurse's Office participated in the SKIIP'S program and administered flu shots to participating student.

We are interested in your feed back and ideas. If you have any ideas or suggestions regarding next years educational health needs for our MDS community, please e-mail us at

Thank you to students, parents, faculty and staff for all your support over the past year. We hope you have a safe and healthy summer and we look forward to serving your health needs next school year.

Yours truly,

Lisa Brooks, RN, BSN

Carrie Khalsa, RN, BSN

If your student has medications in the Nurse's Office please pick them up before the end of day on May 23rd.