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Nurse's Notes: When to Stay Home from School

Is your child sick? Should they stay home? Sometimes that can be a tough question. If your child has had diarrhea, vomiting, a temperature of 100° or above within the last 24 hours, your child should stay home. Your child needs rest. Rest will help your child recover quicker and help prevent other children from getting sick.

Sometimes it's not so easy to tell if your child is sick. If your child is lethargic, not eating normally, coughing uncontrollably, or not acting normally you might consider that your child might be coming down with something. Sometimes it is ok to send them to school to see if they can make it through the day. You know your child better than anyone. We will call you to pick up your child if your child's condition becomes worse throughout the day.

If you take your child to the doctor and they are diagnosed with a contagious disease or condition please notify the nursing staff. Contagious conditions or diseases are things such as Strep throat, pink eye, lice, etc. If you are unsure please call the Nurse's office. Information regarding exposures will be sent out via e-mail to all who may have been exposed.

Sometimes your child will require medication during the school day. If this occurs a Medication Administration Form must be filled out and returned to the nursing staff to ensure safe medication administration. This includes over the counter and herbal medications. The form is located in the nurse's office and online under the On Campus tab on the left side of the Health and Well Being page under Health Forms. We cannot administer medications without a Medication Administration Form.

Remember, sick kids need to stay home so they can recover. This also helps the rest of our community stay healthy. Please feel free to contact our office any time with comments, concerns, or ideas you have for us to better promote health and wellness for your child while at school. Our email is Thank you.