Manzano Day School

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Pre-k/K Home Visit FAQs

Do I have to be home?

  • No. A parent does not need to be present during our visit...a neighbor, babysitter, or relative is just fine! We realize that many of you work and taking the time in the middle of the day for a visitor can be difficult.

What is the purpose of the home visit?

  • to establish rapport with children in their home environment.
  • to provide an opportunity for each child to share what is important to him/her at home.
  • to allow children time with their teacher individually

When is our home visit?

  • In our Manzano Day School community, students are spread from north to south and east to west. We need to plan our visits according to geographic location. You will be assigned a day and time to help us on our journey.
  • The specific date and time of your home visit will be confirmed by Thursday, August 16

How long will the home visit be?

  • Visits last approximately 20 minutes.

What if I don't want a home visit?

  • Our biggest concern is how your child might handle NOT having a visit. We take pictures during our visits, and talk about the visits in the classroom all year long.
  • In our experience, it is difficult for a child who has not had a visit when all of his/her friends have visited with their teachers. We encourage every family to have a home visit.
  • We believe this is an important part of our program and we will try to accommodate all of our families to the best of our abilities.