Manzano Day School

Joy in Learning® Since 1938


Fundraising plays a critical role in fulfilling the mission and vision of any independent school, including Manzano Day School. We cannot cover the cost of educating a child in an enriched program by tuition alone, and rely on philanthropic dollars to support the people and programs that make Manzano Day School so special. Through a combination of direct appeals and special events, the Development Office promotes philanthropy and involvement within the school community.

“We have so many memories with so many great teachers, and it all seemed like it flew by in a flash. Manzano provided our family not only the very best education, but years of the very best memories a family can have. Thank you for teaching, demonstrating, caring and making these years a joy in learning. We truly feel Manzano Day School was the best investment we have ever made.”

The Duran Family, Bronson, Margaret, Tatianna ’00, Bronson ’03 and Sevilla ‘13