Manzano Day School

Joy in Learning® Since 1938


Endowment Means Forever

The endowment is a vital investment in the future. A gift to the endowment is one of the most powerful ways you can support Manzano Day School. The purpose of the general endowment is to secure our school’s financial stability and sustainability, and to facilitate long-term financial planning. It is also important to current Manzano Day School families, providing accessibility and affordability. A strong endowment impacts all our families by minimizing the rate of annual tuition increases.


Invest in Manzano Day School’s Future

Manzano Day School is the special place it is today because of generous past supporters. An investment in the endowment provide a continuous, reliable resource stream for Manzano Day School for generations to come. A gift to Manzano Day School’s endowment will have an immediate and lasting impact on our community – our inquisitive students, our talented teachers, our supportive staff, and our charming historic campus. With the endowment, the possibilities are endless.