Manzano Day School

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No bird soars too high if he soars with his own Wings.

— William Blake

Established in 1988, the Wings program provides full scholarships and related support to students from families with limited economic resources. The creation of this program was based on our knowledge that sound early education is critical for future academic success. We also believe that an investment in a single child is an investment in the community as a whole.

The children who receive these scholarships are selected through the same admissions process as all other applicants. To maximize the realization of each child’s potential, Wings scholarships are provided to each recipient from kindergarten through fifth grade. No child is accepted into the program until funds have been committed for the entire six years of that child’s tuition at Manzano Day School. Each endowment is funded so that the earnings produced will enable a scholarship in perpetuity for a student to attend Manzano Day School. Our goal is to have an endowed Wings student in every grade from kindergarten through fifth grade.

“I am forever grateful to Manzano Day School for setting my children on a path of educational and social success. Being a single mother of two very bright children, I needed a village to help me raise them. Thanks to the Wings program, Manzano Day School became our village. Without the Wings program, I would have never been able to provide for them the education and experiences they received at Manzano Day School. The Wings program really did give my children “wings to fly”. Both children not only believe they are capable of achieving anything, they are achieving it!”

Parent of two Wings scholarship students