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We are delighted to welcome grandparents and grandfriends of Manzano Day School students to campus for our annual Grandparents' and Grandfriends' Day on March 17, 2022. This is a wonderful opportunity for grandparents to become familiar with their grandchild's life at Manzano Day School, visit their classrooms, enjoy performances, and tour our beautiful campus. We cordially invite grandparents and grandfriends to join us!

Please read below to get a better idea of how the day will go: 

  • Grandparents’ and Grandfriends’ Day will be an open house format from 1:00 – 3:00 pm.  Guests can enter through the carpool gate and do not need to check-in at the front office. 
  • Fifth-grade volunteers will greet guests, give them a map of the campus, and direct them to classrooms to pick up their grandchild/children.  We recommend grandparents get their oldest student first to help them navigate the campus.
  • If a grandparent has multiple students to visit, they can choose to go as a group or to take one student at a time. 
  • Each student will have a passport with pages for the many places on campus for them to visit including homerooms and co-curriculars.  We encourage Grandparents and Grandfriends to let their students lead the journey around the campus and visit whichever places they like in any order they choose.  It is not expected that everyone will visit every place.  Make sure to get your passport stamped everywhere you visit!
  • Please respect the maximum occupancy signs at the doors.  If the room is full, please visit another space and return.
  • The Library, Gym, Science Lab, and outside of the Upper School Art Room will have an activity that grandparents can do with their students.
  • We will have water stations set up across campus but will not be serving food this year.
  • Grandparents Day ends at 3:00 pm.  Grandparents may take their students home if they wish or return them to their classrooms.
  • There will not be any live performances however, pre-recorded music and Spanish performances will be playing in several areas across campus and will be indicated on the maps.


Please give us a call at (505) 243-6659 ext. 211 to RSVP