Manzano Day School

Joy in Learning® Since 1938

Teaching & Learning

Manzano Day School offers a rich, well-rounded educational program that provides students with the best opportunity for lifelong success. In addition to the core subject areas of reading, writing, mathematics, social studies, and science, there are six co-curricular subjects: library, music, physical education, Spanish, technology, and visual art. Manzano Day School’s core values and 21st century skills are woven throughout all activities. All students participate in our environmental education program at Fenton Ranch and Manzano Day School is one of only a few elementary schools across the United States that offers such an opportunity. Working in the school garden and learning the importance of conservation complement our outdoor program. Students learn that they are part of a larger world and contribute to the Albuquerque community through grade-level community service projects.

Manzano Day School is accredited by the New Mexico State Department of Education and the Independent Schools Association of the Southwest. This designation gives Manzano Day School the latitude to build a curriculum that best meets our educational goals. We teach the traditional subjects using a variety of innovative instructional strategies to meet diverse learning styles.

Our unique approach to education works. As we track the progress of our students through their sixth grade year, we see that they are indeed prepared for the next level of education. Standardized tests are administered once a year to third, fourth, and fifth graders and serve as one measurement of student learning and as a tool for curriculum review. Although our students perform very well on these tests, it is our mission to develop the whole child. Our inspired curriculum, dedicated and caring faculty, and warm and nurturing academic setting give children the foundation to be lifelong learners. Joy in Learning® is not just our motto, it is our way of life at Manzano Day School.