Manzano Day School

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21st Century Learning

21st Century Learning is an initiative to prepare students for an increasingly diverse and globalized world. As technology continues to innovate, Manzano Day School incorporates the “Four Cs” of 21st Century Learning (Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, and Creativity) with its current curriculum in order to give its students the skills necessary to navigate the ever-changing world. Compassion has been identified as the fifth “C” at Manzano Day School.

In an effort to ensure that the students are learning in a meaningful context, the manner and strategies teachers use to present material are evolving. Methods such as self-discovery, project-based learning, and group collaboration, in conjunction with technology, are utilized. By developing the “Five Cs,” students learn how to be cooperative team players, effective communicators, flexible problem solvers, empathetic observers, and self-learners.

Whether it is utilizing the 3D printer to create objects that correspond to units of study, working as a team to research and present using Powerpoint or iMovie, or sharing work with another class from around the country or even the world, students are engaged and poised to become lifelong learners.