Manzano Day School

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Educational Technology

Manzano Day School prepares students for an increasingly diverse and dynamic world by supporting each grade level through an innovative and hands-on curriculum. Incorporating and building upon the "Five Cs" of 21st Century Learning (Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Creativity, and Compassion), the Learning Lab and little learning lab give students opportunities at every grade level to further their educational journey. They learn how to be effective communicators, cooperative team players, flexible problem solvers, self-learners, and empathetic observers.

Each grade level's curriculum integrates five strands of innovation through the Learning Lab and little learning lab:

digital citizenship
 maker projects
 iPad curriculum integration
coding and computer science
 computer literacy and applications

These five strands infuse the curriculum with both structure and flexibility. Technology is a tool that can facilitate and enhance learning in a variety of ways. Students develop proficiency in each area by building upon their skills year after year in age-appropriate ways. The activities can vary and evolve along with the technology itself.

The five initiatives of the Learning Lab and little learning lab enhance Manzano Day School's curriculum by combining innovation and hands-on learning with the thoughtful and purposeful use of technology, all while supporting our mission and core values.