Summer Reading 

Welcome to summer!

There is no better time to explore new worlds (both astonishingly real and incredibly imaginary), embark on amazing journeys, and learn a thing or two...through books! As an adult, choosing books for children can seem daunting. This guide is intended to help you select books and activities that can be enjoyed as a family and promote a life-long love of reading and learning.

Research has shown that reading aloud to a child, even one who can read independently, has a profound and lasting positive impact on their long-term reading success. Connecting over stories and literature is rewarding for everyone, but it also builds awareness and empathy. Some ideas that could add variety or create exciting opportunities to connect over literature are included on the Reading Programs & Boredom Busters page.

I with you all a READiculous summer--full of good books, reading, and adventure! Read on!

--Ms. Rachel

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